Style tips
Hello ladies. When it comes to selecting beachwear honesty is always the best policy. This is the least amount of clothing you'll probably ever wear in public so it's important to get the selection right.

There's no one style that suits everyone and as we grow up and mature we may have to come to terms with the fact that we can no longer wear that tiny triangle thong number we bought for a couple of quid when we were 17.

The good news is that the selection these days is enormous so that perfect bikini, swimsuit or tankini is out there - all you need is some good advice on what to select.

For us the golden rule of swimwear is if you've got it flaunt it - within reason.

The information below provides a purely personal view, based on our experiences of buying, wearing and looking at swimwear over many years.

Firstly, think about what you are going to be doing in it. For example, if you are planning a lot of sporting activities you may want to go for a style that has more coverage or is more supportive. Having said this it is always possible to don a pair of boardies and rashvest for those occasions.

Neck ties and halters have generally been considered more flattering than shoulder straps, and they do come in a vast range of styles. In the past we steered clear of bra type tops because, well they looked like bras! But there are now some great retro styles out there that would put the lovely Ursula Andress in the shade (see our Bond-Eye range)! We are, therefore, converts to retro and no longer sole devotees of the halter.

The standard triangle top is great if you are firm busted and don't need too much support. Extended halter necks tend to have wider ties and this is now probably our most popular style, as it offers a little more coverage and a little more support.

Underwires are styles we used to steer clear of in the past because they were normally styled in the most appalling, frumpy way! Now there are various combinations with underwires, cleverly concealed, that look fantastic (e.g. Moontide/Bond-Eye). Everyone can wear these styles and they are heaven sent for us girls with bigger busts!

There seems to be a trend to pad everything these days. This means there are plenty of styles that can give you either a bit of a boost, firm you up, or prevent, to put it delicately, everyone knowing that you're a tad chilly! Some have removable pads but some are fixed so it's worth checking before you buy if the removable option is important to you. The removable option can help to give you a little more room if you need it.

White is no longer to be avoided as most white bikinis these days will be double lined.

Ultimately the key thing is to wear something that fits well and suits your shape so you feel comfortable. If you are comfortable your confidence will shine through.

Confidence is key - anyone who celebrates their body and enjoys it will look great no matter what their shape. None of us at Beach360 are perfect by any means but over the years we've learnt what suits us as individuals and our philosophy is that you can look amazing so long as you work with, and enhance, your best features. And if you do have a perfect body, well, you can just skip the sections below because you'll look good in everything on this site!

Small Bust
You can pretty much wear any style, so you can take advantage of styles that don't work so well on a larger bust such as a string triangle and especially the bandeau.

If you want a bit of enhancement try a padded triangle.

If you have a small bust with larger hips keep the pattern simple and go for less coverage on the briefs to even out the silhouette.

Larger Bust
If you want something safe and structured then by all means go for an underwire.

However, for a more youthful look go for a halterneck which is both flattering and supportive. If you're feeling cheeky and are quite firm by all means plump for a padded triangle.

Larger busts should avoid the bandeau style at all costs!

The trick is that most manufacturers only cater up to a C cup for the standard dress size. If you are a D cup by all mean stick to your dress size but you will have less coverage. Nothing wrong with that if you have the confidence, but if you prefer a little more modesty, it is probably better to go up a size. If you go for a side tie, most of these styles can tolerate one size up or down so the briefs should still fit.

Side tie briefs are very flattering for a number of reasons. They are adjustable which solves all manner of problems with lumps and bumps (or muffinage as we endearingly refer to it). Don't be afraid to go for a side tie (especially thicker ties) if you have larger hips as they can actually work to detract from larger thighs and cellulite by breaking up the silhouette. If you want to disguise a larger bust (although we're not sure why you would!) this style can even things out.

Maximum coverage is not necessarily always better. Whilst those of us endowed with generous curves might be tempted to go for the big cover up, a more revealing brief can actually give the illusion of a smaller rear and is preferable than attempting to camouflage this feature using a large expanse of material. For this reason we would advise that the boyshort or hipster styles are more flattering for slim hips. If you do go for this look keep the brief colour dark.

Let's be honest - there's nothing wrong with a few real woman curves, but if you are conscious of your stomach or need a bit more coverage for cosmetic reasons, Moontide's fold down pants are very versatile.

Most of us aren't lucky enough to live on a sun drenched island all year round and as tanning needs to be done safely and conservatively these days, we often venture out on our vacation feeling a little pasty.

Good colours for pale skin are cocoa-brown and royal or azure blues. Lime greens also look good on paler skin. Generally speaking any colour that suits you normally will transfer to a bikini.

If you have a larger bottom, avoid pale colours or small patterns. Darker colours or larger patterns are more slimming.

Plain bikinis are surprisingly elegant and flattering. They can be very classic and therefore last several seasons and can be mixed and matched with a variety of accessories. Pick a colour and pattern that you can wear with your other beachwear such as coverups, shorts etc...

If you like your night life you might want to go for something a bit more high fashion and glitzy. Aguaclara do some stunning styles that wouldn't look out of place in a club.

Polka dots are always classic on a bikini and never seem to go out of fashion.

Think about where you'll be in your swimwear. Pale colours on dark sandy beaches might soil easily. Equally, if you are going on an extended trip lighter colours may wear less well than a darker or patterned style.

Sizing and style
Cup sizes: Up to a C cup for your actual dress size. Would advise you go up a size for a D cup or C cup with more modesty.

Briefs: A Latin American brand, so the string briefs are cut on the sexy side although they are not as revealing as a traditional "latin" brief. If you like more coverage go for a scoop pant style that is more modest, or go up a size.

Cup sizes: Bond-Eye has had a tendency this season to come up a little larger on the tops with the briefs conforming to standard UK dress sizes. So you may want to bear this in mind when ordering if you are border line for your size. For example, if you are a "small" size 12 you may want to consider going for a 10, if you are a "standard" size 12 you should be fine and if you are a 12 bordering on a 14 the 12 will probably fit.

Briefs: Cut as per style, some are offer more coverage than others so please refer to the product description

Cup sizes: Dress sizes cater up to a C cup. If you are a D cup you may want to go up a size for modesty. For DD/E it is advisable to go up a size or two. All our Moontide styles are tie fastened at the neck and bust which is great for achieving a precision fit.

Briefs: Flattering and modest.

Cup sizes: States B cup on the label but will fit a C cup comfortably and D if you are a bit on the daring side. Otherwise, if you are a D cup it would be advisable to go up a size,

Briefs: Cut as per style. Some are more modest than others so it is best to refer to the product description.

Cup sizes: Up to a C cup for your actual dress size. Would advise you go up a size for a D cup or a C cup with more modesty.

Briefs: Although these are a sexy South American brand, they have adapted their designs for the European market so the briefs have more modest coverage than a traditional "latin" brief.

Sugar Free
Cup sizes: Up to a C cup for your actual dress size. Would advise you go up a size for a D cup or C cup with more modesty.

Briefs: A Latin American brand, so the string briefs are cut on the sexy side although they are not as revealing as a traditional "latin" brief. If you like more coverage go for a scoop pant style that is more modest, or go up a size.