Here at Timuna Sea Scuba Diving Centre we are more than happy to help assist you in the choices for buying your dive gear. We will help you every step of the way, from beginners, right up to seasoned divers. Our experienced staff and instructors are on hand to answer all your questions and offer advice. Choosing your kit is one of the most important steps you will take on your road to becoming a diver and Timuna Sea can offer you all the help you need .

Feel free to drop by our Padi Dive Centre in Canary Wharf, East London and we can help you in person. Alternatively just pick up the phone and call Timuna Sea on 020 7719 9444 we'll be happy to chat about your requirements. Padi Dive shop

Mask and Snorkel
The most important factor with masks is that they feel comfortable to wear, that they fit and seal well around your face and that you have good vision through them. Another factor important for those who wear glasses or contact lenses is whether or not the mask can be fitted with corrective lenses. A good snorkel certainly needs to have a purge valve at the bottom. This aids clearance of the snorkel and will make snorkeling a much more pleasurable and easy experience. It's also good if it has a wave deflector or chamber mechanism at the top which will help to prevent wave splashes entering the snorkel too readily.

For most diving situations adjustable heel fins that require you to wear boots of some description are best, but if you are doing a lot of warm water boat diving full foot versions may be more suitable. Split fins are becoming more popular as they offer more efficiency in the water but are generally more expensive.

The basic rule of thumb with selecting a regulator is to go for the most expensive you can afford. The more you spend the easier the breathe. When purchasing your regulator you will need to buy the three major parts - the 1st and 2nd stage, the alternate air source and the instruments. The BCD inflator hose is supplied when you purchase your BCD. There are several type of regulator, piston or diaphragm and balanced and unbalanced systems.

A good quality BCD will improve your buoyancy control, weight distribution, and comfort in the water. Generally speaking the more you spend the more features your BCD will have. Ladies should certainly seriously consider lady BCD's, they offer a shorter length of jacket, integrated weights (to stop the bruising to your hips) and a better fit all over.

Dive Computer
Dive computers will extend your time underwater by calculating true multilevel diving profiles. In some areas of the world dive computers are now mandatory. Few divers who have used a dive computer ever look back, taking advantage of safer profiles, and longer diver times. Dive computers will show you your current depth (within 1m of your actual depth as opposed to 10% inaccuracy with traditional analogue instruments), remaining time allowed underwater and ascent rate. Dive computers are not a replacement for dive tables and should be used in conjunction with tables.

Wet and Dry suits

The temperature of the water you are planning to dive in will determine what suit is best for you. Wetsuits range from 1.5mm in thickness to 7mm and when a wet suit will not keep you warm enough you may want to consider a dry suit with under suit. As with everything you get what you pay for, seemingly bargain suits will tend to be made of synthetic neoprene which although looks identical breaks down quickly in sunlight, needs replacing frequently and is less flexible than real neoprene suits.